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  • Biomedical Acupuncture for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation - Yun-tao Ma

Use biomedical acupuncture to effectively treat, rehabilitate, and prevent sports injuries! Written by widely respected biomedical acupuncture and dry needling expert Yun-tao Ma, PhD, Lac, Biomedical Acupuncture for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation shows techniques that will enhance athletic performance, accelerate recovery after intensive workouts, and speed trauma rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries. Evidence-based research is used to support  the best and most effective techniques, with over 100 illustrations showing anatomy, injury, and clinical procedures. Unlike many other acupuncture books, this book uses a Western approach to make is easier to understand rationales and master techniques, and to integrate biomedical acupuncture into your practice.

  • Unique! Explores acupuncture treatments for sports injuries in the acute phase, and for rehabilitation and prevention 
  • Includes acupuncture for performance enhancement and injury prevention, emphasizing pre-event acupuncture used to help increase muscle output, assist with precompetition stress, and prevent soft tissue injury.
  • Offers an overview of the science of biomedical acupuncture including the mechanisms of acupuncture, anatomy and physiology of acupoints, and discussion of human healing potential.
  • This guide features complete coverage of useful techniques including those that increase muscle force output, enhance joint flexibility and stability, prevent sports injuries, and many more.

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Biomedical Acupuncture for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation - Yun-tao Ma

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