Acupancture and Physiotherapy
  • Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture - Lian / Chen / Hammes / Kolster

It is a new kind of manual. It illustrates the whole range of acupuncture points and main channels, the Extraordinary Vessels Ren Mai and Du Mai and the Extraordinary Points in  a systematic and clear way. Each of the 409 important points is clarified through a series of three different illustrations :

  • a graphic indicates location on the body
  • an overview of channels illustrates the point in the context of its pathway
  • a photograph shows the acupuncture needle in position
Γλώσσα : Αγγλικά

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ΔΩΡΟ (μέχρι εξαντλήσεως των αποθεμάτων) : ΕΝΑ POSTER BODY ACUPUNCTURE 

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Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture - Lian / Chen / Hammes / Kolster

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