Acupancture and Physiotherapy
  • A Manual of Acupuncture - Deadman & Al-Khafaj

Established as the most complete work on the channels, collaterals and points in English, A Manual of Acupuncture has become the gold standard text for students and practitioners of acupuncture.

  • Introductory chapters on the channels and collaterals, point categories, point selection methods, point location and needling.
  • Illustrations and text descriptions of all primary, extraordinary, divergent, luo-connecting and sinew channels
  • The points of the fourteen channels and the extra points with their English name, Chinese name and Chinese character.
  • The most exacting and accurate anatomical point locations yet published in any English text with practical point location notes to assist in easy location.
  • Nearly 500 illustrations, with a single dedicated illustration for every point.
  • Point actions to aid the understanding and memorisation of each point's principal qualities.
  • Extensive lists of point indications taken from numerous classical and modern source texts and grouped for ease of reference.
  • Substantial commentaries explaining in detail the principal historical and modern applications of the point and drawing on classical and modern texts and the extensive clinical experience of the authors.
  • Numerous classical prescriptions showing how the points have been used and combined through nearly two millenia of practice.
  • Area illustrations showing the locations of the major points in each region of the body
  • Extensive indexes including an index of every point indication
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A Manual of Acupuncture - Deadman & Al-Khafaj

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